Academic Integrity and Good Learning Environment (Spring 2014-15)

Dear Students,

I would like to welcome you back to the Spring term. At the start of the new term, I would like to remind you again on the following important issues.


The University is very serious about upholding academic integrity. All students of HKUST are committed to the Academic Honor Code adopted by the University Senate in June 2005 as follows:

To explain the regulations and to help you understand and avoid academic dishonesty, we have set up a website at http://tl.ust.hk/integrity. Please visit this site and help HKUST maintain its reputation for high standards.


Another issue concerning all students and teachers is the maintenance of a good learning environment in the classroom. Arriving late, chatting to friends after class has started, and using mobile phones are all discourteous to the instructors and disruptive for your classmates who are there to learn.

Successful learning depends on academic honesty and considerate behavior in classrooms. We trust you will work with us to create the best possible environment for all students to achieve their goals.


Lastly, information on academic rules and regulations are available online to help you manage your academic progress from admission to graduation.

Visit these webpages to locate the information you need.

Undergraduates: http://ugadmin.ust.hk/ug-guide/index.html
Research postgraduates: http://pg.ust.hk/cgi-bin/pg/eng/rpghandbook
Taught postgraduates: http://pg.ust.hk/cgi-bin/pg/eng/tpghandbook

I wish you a fruitful term with a good learning experience!


Roger Cheng
Associate Provost (Teaching & Learning)
Office of Academic Quality & Undergraduate Studies

Last Update: 28 January 2015