What Happens if You are Caught Cheating

Students who cheat are likely to be caught. This is a very serious matter.

The case will go first to your department. The department can
Give a verbal warning or a written warning that will be held in your record until graduation
Require you to take make-up test / examination
Require you to resubmit work contributing to an award
Impose a lower grade for a component of the course assessment or a lower grade for the course including a fail in the course
Require you to take a period of mentoring or instruction to help you make better ethical choices in the future

In serious cases, your department may ask the School Dean/Director IPO, or even the Executive Vice-President & Provost to look at the case. The School and the Executive Vice-President & Provost can impose additional sanctions – you may not be allowed to go on exchange, or get a scholarship, and a note may be made on your transcript. The most serious cases are referred to the Student Disciplinary Committee. The Student Disciplinary Committee can take away your eligibility for a degree; suspend you from the University, or simply dismiss you right away.

And that would be it. All your years of hard work in primary and secondary school, all that pressure to do well in the public exams … all thrown away.

The whole process is set out in the formal academic regulations – go to:

Regulations for Academic Integrity

A procedural flow is prepared to facilitate the understanding of the implementation of the Regulations.

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What Happens if You are Caught Cheating
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