What is Academic Misconduct

Most of us have a good idea about what is meant by cheating, but there are some "grey areas".

Here are some examples of academic misconduct. This list is by no means exhaustive.
Getting hold of examination or test questions without the instructor's permission, or giving other students questions without permission
Giving or receiving unauthorized information or help to answer questions during examinations or tests
Having someone else take a test or examination for you, or taking an examination or test for someone else
Handing in assignments on which you received help from fellow students or others that went beyond what was approved by the instructor, or giving such help
Making up facts or references and using them in assignments
Using other people's work in an assignment and presenting it as your own
Helping a fellow student to cheat

Avoiding Pressures that Lead to Cheating
What is Academic Misconduct
How to Avoid Plagiarism & Copying
What Happens if You are Caught Cheating
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