Follow-up by Departments

Following a report of cheating, the head of the course department, or a member of faculty appointed by the head for the purpose, should review the case and arrange to meet with the student within two weeks of the reported misconduct. If the department finds that cheating took place, it should also decide on the appropriate penalty. (For more details, refer to Penalties for Cheating.)

Where the course department is not the student's major department, the course department may wish to keep the major department/School or IPO informed of the case and its progress.

The department may not be able to follow up on the case if:
The case involves students who are not enrolled on the course or program under the Head
The case involves possible conflict of interest for the Head
The case involves persons who are not members of the University community
The sanctions available to the Head are not considered appropriate

Where the department cannot complete the follow-up of the case, the department should refer the case to the Dean of the School / Director IPO.

A procedural flow is set out to explain roles and actions of different parties at different levels in handling cases of academic misconduct.

What to Do if You Detect Cheating
Follow-up by Departments
Penalties for Cheating
Steps to Reduce Cheating
Detecting & Preventing Plagiarism
Excluding Cheaters from Course Evaluation
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